Columbia University Dining

Columbia Dining Services maintains 11 dining facilities conveniently located on campus. Each location accepts cash, as well as credit cards, Dining Dollars, and Flex for quick cashless transactions.

Dining Dollars allow you to create a tax-free declining balance account for food and beverage purchases.

A Flex Account is a similar, although not tax-free, account that can be used at on-campus dining locations, the University Bookstore, select vending machines, the self-service copiers in the libraries, and on-campus laundry facilities. Flex Accounts are also accepted at more than 63 off-campus establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, and drug stores.

An overview of dining plans, Dining Dollars, and Flex is available on the Dining Services website. You can sign up for Dining Dollars and/or a Flex Account in SSOL, in person at 118 Hartley Hall or 204 Kent Hall, or with a cashier at any on-campus dining location.

Locations and Hours

Please visit the Columbia Dining website for a list of locations and hours.

    Dining Plans

      The University offers a wide variety of dining plans for upper class, graduate, and General Studies students, each consisting of all-you-care-to-eat meals to enjoy at John Jay Dining Hall, Ferris Booth Commons, or JJ's Place. Students have 2-4 opportunities per day to use their meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (depending on the day). All meals are accessed by University ID card and billed to the Columbia student account. Meal amounts and costs for the 2022-2023 academic year can be found by visiting the Columbia Dining site. We also offer a kosher dining plan option to any student who participates in an upper class, graduate, or General Studies student meal plan. Participation allows students access to a restricted kosher area within John Jay Dining Hall for an additional 10% cost of the selected plan.

      • PLAN A: 14 meals per week and 200 Dining Dollars per term, plus 15 floating meals and 6 Faculty meals – $2,725 per term
      • PLAN B: 175 meals and 200 Dining Dollars per term, plus 6 guest meals – $2,478 per term
      • PLAN C: 100 meals and 125 Dining Dollars per term, plus 4 guest meals – $1,543 per term
      • PLAN D: 75 meals and 75 Dining Dollars per term, plus 2 guest meals – $1,159 per term

      As some of the units in Columbia Residential Housing are equipped with kitchens, it is not necessary for students to buy dining plans if they do not require one.

        Nutrition, Food Allergies, and Special Diets

        Registered Dietician Alexa Gandara is available on site as well as online to address individual questions and concerns related to food allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences. 


        Microwaves are available for general use in the following locations:

        • Dodge Hall (Blue Java Coffee Bar)
        • Uris Hall (Deli)
        • Havemeyer Hall (third floor, undergraduate office)

        Contact Information

        Columbia University Dining Services
        118 Hartley Hall
        (212) 854-4076