Program Overview

Program Overview

Joint Bachelor's Degree students will earn two bachelor's degrees—one from CityU and one from Columbia. Students within the Program may choose from a number of approved majors during their time at both CityU and Columbia.

By offering two distinct learning environments, the Program seeks to present a variety of experiences that allow students to challenge themselves and develop a richly textured understanding of an increasingly globalized world. 

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Gateway Education Requirements

Gateway Education (GE) is the core of CityU's undergraduate experience. The goal of GE is to give students a broad sampling of different academic areas, exposing students to varied disciplines and increasing the value and breadth of their undergraduate education.

Columbia Core Curriculum

The Core is the cornerstone of a Columbia education, encouraging students to become critical thinkers and analyzers of the world around them as they are exposed to a range of knowledge and disciplines.


Students who have been offered admission to the Program will be assigned a School of General Studies academic advisor, with whom they will consult for course selection and academic planning for the duration of their time at Columbia. 

Academic Calendars

Students should consult the academic calendars of City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University regarding important dates.